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Here are the answers of the most common questions we are asked from our valued customers.

Q. What is the lead time?

A. The Lead time varies between 1-7 working days,primarily depending on the weight and Nature of the product and the production schedule. For most products, we can arrange next day pick up from our own warehouses.

Q. What are the shipment options available?    

A. By Sea, Air or Courier

Q. What is the minimum order?

A. Normally, the economy of weight starts at 25KG, and you also can order lower weight according to your requirements, but you can get more discounts if you increasing weight.



Q.What technical documents do you offer?

A.We can provide technical documents including: COA,Flow chart,Test method,MSDS,Specification Sheet,Nutritional Data,Allergens statement,BSE-TSE Statement,Ingredient Composition Statement,ISO statement,Pesticide statement,Residual solvent statement,Vegan and vegetarian statement,Sterilized statement,Irradiation Free statement,GMO free statement,Gluten free statement,Melamine statement.

Q. What testing do you perform?

A. All testing required by GMP. This includes:Identification testing,Heavy metals testing,Microbiological testing,Moisture testing ,Physical testing,Organoleptic testing

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